Praise the Lord with harp.
— Psalm 33:2
Photo credit:  Dalrymple Photography

Photo credit: Dalrymple Photography

In my more than fourteen years of experience performing, I have played for countless weddings and other events, first in the Midwest and now in upstate South Carolina. One of my greatest joys is making music and sharing God's gift of music with others. 

I received my first harp as a gift when I was seven years old, and from then on I have never stopped loving music. The harp has taken me from performing for tea rooms when I was nine to playing for weddings throughout my teen years, then completing a bachelor's degree in Harp Performance, and now working as a professional harpist in Greenville, SC.

In addition to solo performance, I have experience as an orchestral and band harpist and perform with various groups in the upstate. In my spare time, I also compose for harp and piano, and offer my services as a private music teacher to train the next generation of musicians.